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Jordan Wolfe - Professional Voice Actor and Narrator

The professional approach to my craft

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I specialize in creating characters, and building stories to enthrall listeners.  By delving into the very nature of the narrative and understanding the story I will keep the listener captivated form start to finish.  Whether the story be set in high fantasy, or informational non-fiction,  I can bring a clarity and understanding to the listener.  Are you looking for a voice that will spark joy into your listeners hearts and minds?  Let me bring your story to life.


Voice Over

For any length of Voice over, I can give a polished and mastered performance to a tight deadline.  Being a professional actor and dialectician I can modulate and meld my voice to your particular need. Try me for your narration, video, or other read today. An exhilarating performance at a great rate, guaranteed!

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And Much More

  • Corporate Narration

  • E-learning Voiceover

  • Theatre and Film Acting

  • Audio Production and Mastering

Radio Show

A passionate storyteller whose charismatic, determined, and empathetic approach creates captivating characters and narratives


A warm, energetic, and intelligent voice that brings vibrancy to any story.

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